Heritage Grey Highlands

The South Grey Museum works closely with Heritage Grey Highlands, which has a special heritage research corner in the Museum. This committee of municipal council was formed in 2005 to:
    - Research & submit heritage properties for registry list.
    - Advise Council on heritage matters
    (e.g. permit requests for listed or designated buildings)
    - Assist owners re: maintenance, restoration & funding
    - Promote Heritage events

The Ontario Heritage Act (1975) Legislation intended to conserve Ontario’s heritage by allowing municipalities to identify & designate properties of cultural heritage value, create incentive programs & establish municipal heritage committees. For more information on registry see: Ontario Heritage Toolkit at: http://www.mtc.gov.on.ca/en/heritage/heritage_toolkit.shtml

For designated historic buildings see: http://www.historicplaces.ca

For more information - see Heritage Grey Highlands website at:

Grey County Heritage Mapping Project
The County of Grey erected new heritage community signs in 2015, to recognize early settlements which may have faded into history. To qualify for the project, the communities had to have at least two of the following historically located in their hamlet, village or town: general store, mill, blacksmith shop, school, post office, church or other religious meeting house, cemetery/cenotaph, community centre, fraternal organization structure (Orange Hall etc.) or hotel/tavern. The second stage of the project saw the Grey County Archive develop stories and photos for use as a layer on the county's map portal - see the resulting Grey County Historic Communities online mapping project at https://geo.grey.ca
Heritage Grey Highlands launches historic landmark plaque project
Heritage Grey Highlands began distributing Historic Landmark and Historic Building plaques to property owners at the South Grey Museum on Canada Day, 2014. Here, HGH Chair Nancy Matthews (centre) presents plaques to property owners Matthew Gaasenbeek (left) who owns the original Wilcocks property (which Wilcox Lake is named after) and Jean Boynton, whose family owns the historic Munshaw House in downtown Flesherton. More plaques will be distributed to historic buildings in the coming months.


Heritage Grey Highlands regularly submits historical images with pertinent research to the local community newspaper. Following is a sample submission. The complete accounting of submissions is compiled in a .pdf and available on the Heritage Grey Highlands page on the visitgreyhighlands.ca website. Research resources and heritage images are often sourced at the South Grey Museum. See the attached page below for links to documents and heritage resources for more information.

Heritage Week – Celebrating Old and New

The South Grey Museum works with Heritage Grey Highlands annually to celebrate Heritage Week. HGH has guest curated exhibits on heritage homes and buildings in the area. Not only did the committee provide an excellent power point presentation outlining the importance of local heritage, but also set up an exhibit of Museum archival photos and a show of paintings by local artists celebrating various heritage themes.

“We wanted to show the link between our heritage and today’s creative culture,” said Heritage Grey Highlands chair Nancy Matthews, who with fellow committee members Dimitri Haritun, Ben Patey and Heather Sprott helped host the exhibit and answer visitor questions. “We have a wealth of local heritage buildings and the Museum was a natural fit to feature them for Heritage Week. We were also lucky to borrow some modern artworks from Arts On Ten for the exhibit.”

Local artists Anna-Maria Dickinson, Holger Majorahn  and Jennifer Stenberg have loaned artworks based on local heritage building for the exhibit, adding some colour to the black and white and sepia tones of the photographic artifacts of historic places.